The partners at AthELITE, Justin Seurer, Esq. & Alex Slattery, have over 30 Years combined experience in professional sports, and are both Major League Baseball Player’s Association Certified Agents. We’ve advised amateur players as high as the 1st Round, and negotiated contracts in the draft and professional sports worth multi-millions of dollars.

Justin Seurer, MLBPA Certified Agent/Attorney at Law: An expert in contract law and litigation, Justin has negotiated contracts and provided legal counsel in Major League Baseball, the NFL, NBA, CFL and Combat Sports. With an extensive network in marketing, endorsements, and branding for our athletes, he’s also worked with USA Olympians, and filed trademarks for world class athletes. Justin has advised amateur players and their families in the MLB Amateur Draft for more than 10 years, and negotiated player contracts in Korea, Japan, Columbia, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, & Puerto Rico. As AthELITE’s General Counsel, he also handles Salary Arbitration and interprets how all aspects of the MLB Collective bargaining Agreement affect our clients. Before AthELITE, Justin owned the law practice Seurer Law Firm and the sports representation agency Midwest Sports Council, Inc. He is a graduate of the University of South Dakota with a Double Major in Business and Political Science. After playing professional baseball with the St. Paul Saints, he completed law school at the University of South Dakota and has been licensed to practice law in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Alex Slattery, MLBPA Certified Agent/Amateur Draft Advisor: Now in his 20th year of Professional Baseball as a Player, Scout, and Amateur Draft Advisor/Agent, Alex has extensive experience on “all sides” of the game. After playing professional baseball, he was a MLB Scout for the Chicago White Sox Organization for 9 seasons. His responsibilities for the White Sox included covering amateur draft players in the Lower Midwest, & Southeast/Carolina’s, as well as professional coverage in the Single-A Midwest & Double-A Texas Leagues. In addition, he served as a Coach/GM of the Chicago White Sox Area Code Games and Midwest Scout Teams. After negotiating contracts on the MLB Team side as a scout, Alex transitioned to player representation and amateur draft advisement. He has advised, drafted, and signed players as high as the 1st Round of the MLB Amateur Draft, and negotiated Draft Bonuses, Major League, Japanese Major League, and Foreign Winter League contracts. He’s also secured significant marketing and endorsement opportunities for AthELITE clients. As an amateur, Alex was the Phoenix Gazette HS Player of the Year, All-Arizona, a JUCO World Series National Champion, and NCAA Div. 1 player. He graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Bachelor of Science in Education.

Beyond the draft, we are structured to fully prepare and represent our clients every step of the way, and in all facets of their baseball career, business, and financial concerns. At AthELITE Sports Management, our connections are far reaching throughout the world, and at the highest levels of professional baseball. However, no matter how big this game is, or the industry gets, AthELITE will always maintain our core values of an athlete agency built on a family atmosphere.


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